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Your core temperature is the temperature inside your body – it is always greater than the outside (skin).

Overheating in the early stages of pregnancy can be very dangerous for the baby as they are unable to get rid of the heat like we are (they don’t sweat).

Later on in pregancy overheating can cause baby to be distressed.  Dehydration can lead to premature labour – but remember the temperatures we are describing are VERY HOT and for a sustained period of time.  Not the amount of time you spend in class or exercising!  Your body can help dissipate the extra heat by sweating and more so when you are pregnant.

Keeping hydrated

Our bodies are 70% water and in pregnancy about 7 or 8 of your pregnancy pounds will be water!

We need to keep hydrated whether we are pregnant or not, and the usual recommendation is 8 glasses (2 ltres)/day.

If you are having this – fine – if not, think about increasing your intake.  Drink small amounts at a time and sip regularly thoughout the day.  If you get to the point where you are thirsty you are actually dehydrated – don’t wait that long – it’s not a good idea when you are pregnant!  Your body temperature is already elevated and also baby will always be warmer than you and can slow down your circulation and decrease the nutritional flow to baby.  Extreme dehydration can cause premature labour.

Happy sipping!


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If you already have a stability ball at home, you might like to have a few simple and effective exercises you can do. Always make sure you are fit to exercise – if in double contact your GP/Midwife for advice.

Below is a short series of Pilates movements using the ball, that are suitable for all trimesters.  However, listen to your body and only do what it wants!

Ball home workout

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