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We regularly hold small group Pilates for all mums-to-be, but what happens in our private Pilates sessions, held in our home studio?

Hannah is 27 weeks pregnant, so nearly at the end of her second trimester.  She is demonstrating various pre natal Pilates moves using various equipment we have in the studio.


The Bosu is a very versatile piece of equipment.  It can be used for support whilst you lie semi-seated and also to prop yourself up when performing side lying movements.


Using the Springboard and an inclinded back support we can perform many exercises in semi-sitting that are not possible whilst lying on the floor.  After about 16 weeks it is inadvisable to lie flat whilst exercising.  However, using the Springboard and back support we can deliver a safe and effective workout.

The Springboard is also wonderful when used in standing and sitting and there are a wide variety of exercises that can be performed…

Pilates Power Gym

The Pilates Power Gym is a small and compact piece of Pilates equipment that is perfect for all mum-to-be’s!  Its gliding board can be elevated so you are lifted and supported throughout every trimester of your pregnancy.  There are no worries about being led flat on your back – it can be adjusted to suit you perfectly.  For your workout comfort there are a wide variety of positions you can use the Pilates Power Gym – seated, standing, on all 4’s and side, lying… There’s a position for everyone!

Pilates Chair

Often called the ‘Wunda Chair’ , it is a  box (or frame depending on model) with a padded seat, a foot pedal, and has 2 to 4 springs attached for a variety of resistance. Pilates developed over 50 exercises for his Chair. You can sit, stand, kneel, or lie on this multipurpose apparatus, developing upper body strength, stabilizing the torso and performing a number of lower body and feet exercises.  We can use all positions (except the lying position!) to exercise your whole body!


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