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You may wish to practice some helpful moves at home and the stability ball is a wonderful piece of equipment that you will find uses for both during and after your pregnancy.  Below are guidelines that need to be adhered to to maintain a safe and effective class. You may want to practice some moves at home – if you do please use the information below to help you choose the right size of ball.

Ball Safety

  • All balls used must be ‘anti-burst’. Before you buy a ball ensure that the packaging states that it is ‘anti-burst’.
  • The anti-burst system ensures that if the ball ever has a hole it will deflate slowly and safely. Balls that do not state anti-burst do burst like a balloon!
  • Remember your precious on-board bump; don’t take any chances. If you bring your own ball to class you do so at your own risk.

Ball Size
There are various reports of what constitute ‘correct ball height’, but below are the sizes I follow:

  • under 5′ 45cm 
  • 5′ – 5’7” 55cm
  • 5’8” – 6’3” 65cm
  • 6’3” plus 75 cm

A ball with a wide base is more stable that a ball that has a narrow base. When you sit on the ball your knees should be at 90 degrees or slightly more – allowing the hips to be slightly higher that your knees.

http://www.willrun.co.uk 01772 252727. They offer a selection of balls, plus there is always the internet – but choose wisely!


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